Kitesurf Adventures is proud to offer SUP for everyone who has that spirit of adventure

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Paddle Surf (SUP) was born long ago in Polynesia originally as a method of transport between islands. In modern times, it has been adapted into one of the fastest growing aquatic sports. It can be practiced in calm warm waters or in waves as a fantastic sport activity. Kitesurf Adventures is proud to offer SUP for everyone who has that spirit of adventure, desire for exercise or just to have great fun! For those of us who don’t like treadmills or stuffy health-clubs, SUP is a complete and exciting sport for anyone. It will be love at first sight and you will be able to head-out and row local waters with friends or for fun!

According to specialists and practitioners, SUP or Paddleboard is one of the board/water-sports which offers the most complete work-out and great all-around exercise. SUP utilizes the principles of Yoga and Pilates. It works your body’s power, balance, abdominal region, your back, arms as well as the mind – a complete sport and workout.

SUP can be practiced by people of all ages, men, women, children from 4 years and up to adult of 64 years of age and beyond depending on physical health. You do not need to be in shape to start and it is our intention to provide any person with a SUP lesson or experience in accordance with his or her physical level. You do not have to be an “athlete” to rapidly begin enjoying SUP and rowing in local waters.

SUP is also one of the best ways to access and enjoy our fascinating natural and cultural coastal environment which locally constitutes as The Cascais bay, “Cabo da Roca”, “Boca do Inferno”, hidden coastal caverns, other secret spots as well as local jewels and ecosystems.


1 class: 25€ | 4 classes: 85€
10 classes: 200€

1 class: 40€ | 4 classes: 130€
10 classes: 340€

1h30 min: 35€ | 2 hours: 45€

SUP PADDLEBOARD RENTAL:                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Rentals are for either an SUP Board OR equipment (i.e. insurance, cap, wetsuit, watch, etc.)
1h: 15€

PADDLE BOARD TRIPS (min level 1 competence)


Most of the time the Cascais coast has perfect conditions for paddle-board cruising. With its excellent clean white sandy beaches and clear water you will cruise comfortably along the rugged and varied coast line. On these cruises you will be able to take in the local scenery from a different perspective, see the abundant amount of fish that swim along these coasts, and see the variety of maritime birds on the cliff tops, truly spectacular…

TOUR 1 – “Palace Tour” – 1.5 hours Cascais Cidadel

TOUR 2 – “Casa da Guia” – 2 hours

On this tour you will pass by the lighthouse, the entrance to the Palácio dos Condes de Castro Guimarães and continue along the coast until you find Boca do Inferno, an old sea cave which collapsed, making a spectacular chasm. As the waves break it is an amazing view – especially at sunset. From this point on you will continue to Casa da Guia, the last stop on the tour.


During your first day, you will already be able to row while standing-up on the board and enjoy the sport. From this point on, you will enjoy a constant evolution and new and exciting experiences doing SUP.



Basic explanation of history and development of the sport. Physical and spiritual/emotional advantages and benefits. Variations and techniques (cruises, surfing, fitness…) Technical information regarding foot positioning, paddle positioning and correct body posture while rowing.
Techniques for paddling and rowing while standing, on your knees to cross waves or seated for foot rowing techniques.
Initial manoeuvres and variations.


After acquiring a basic mastery of the techniques in quiet waters, we will then be confident to go to the next level and we will learn to start surfing some waves on your SUP!