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Kitesurf Adventures is greater Lisbon’s premier kitesurf
We are professionals in teaching the sport and are thrilled to
share this passion with you. We guarantee personalized and
effective teaching, safety and fun. Our school is located only
a few metres from Guincho beach, known for its thermal winds
and radical waves, and we choose this stunning location for the
first part of your course, which takes place on the sand.
Once you are able to handle and control the kite, we enter the
water to learn the next stages.
Now you are ready for a kitesurf trip to Fonte da Telha beach,
located 25 kms south of Lisbon. A paradise for kitesurfers!
As we also love the waves and windless days, we offer the
possibility to experience SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) as
well as surfing, activities that require balance, concentration
and a dash of daring.
You no longer have any excuses not to go in the water!
We provide a shuttle service with meeting points in Lisbon,
Cascais and the area of Guincho.
Ask us about our promotional packs!
We provide all the necessary gear, accident insurance and
IKO certification.
Lessons are taught in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian or
German. Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable experience
while having fun learning with us at some of the most beautiful
beaches in Europe.
Don’t miss out!


Laura Quiroga is an IKO-2 Senior certified instructor
as well as a professor in physical education. With over
15-years of instructor experience in Cape Verde, Brazil;
Tarifa, Spain and in Portugal. Laura has taught over 5000
hours of kitesurf classes sharing with countless people from
all nationalities her passion for kitesurf.   

Kitesurf Adventures offers activities for everyone. We can
offer adventure activities, Paddle Board (SUP), Surf and Adventure activities. We comply with ALL legal and safety
requirements by the Portuguese Government, Maritime Police,
Tourism Board of Portugal and the International Kiteboarding
Association (IKO).

Our instructors are incredibly dynamic and very professional
in the the different sports training that our school offers.

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